The design of a garden is of outmost important for its implementation. Outdoor Creations offers full design / landscaping of your garden by a graduate agriculturalist and landscape designer. The design of your garden is implemented by George Karydas, the director of the company.

Georgos Karydas is a graduate of the Agricultural School of Aristotelion University Thessaloniki, specialized in horticulture (B.Sc Horticulture). He holds a post-graduate degree in Landscape Design (MA Landscape Desigh – University of Sheffield). Since January 2010 he is a Special Scientist at the Cyprus University of Technology, where he teaches Landscape Design at the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Sciences. He is also a certificated roof garden engineer.

In 2007 he created the company Outdoor Creations. He is an acting member of the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects, the International Federation of Landscape Architect (IFLA) and the Cypriot Union of Agriculturalists. He co-operates with many architects, interior designers and civil engineers for the implementation of quality green spaces. He took part in several international conferences related to landscaping and green development, both as a speaker and also as a spectator.

Roof Gardens

The green roof technology is a fast growing technique the last years, since the environmental, financial and energy benefits are too many.

Outdoor Creations offered the whole implementation of all the kind of roof gardens according the EU standards. Our personnel participated a lot of seminars regarding green roofs. In addition, we have been trained at Zinco Head offices in Germany for the construction of green roofs.

The first green roof in Nicosia was done by Outdoor Creations and it is on the top of the Leventis Art Gallery. For the specific project we used the Zinco Floradrain FD 40 built up system.

The picture which follows was taken from a new residence in Nicosia, where we used the products of Zinco for a roof on slope this time.


Our company undertakes the full construction of your garden. The process includes the supply of the plants, the installation of an irrigation system, the construction of hard surfaces (e.g. paved ways) and the lighting of the garden.

Outdoor Creations employs specialists for each construction face, including technician agriculturalists, plumbers, building workers and electricians.

Outdoor Creations is also a certified construction company of roof gardens. These constructions are built according to international standard and regulations.


Outdoor Creations offers specialized teams that undertake the maintenance of gardens and parks. The ultimate goal of the company is for our clients to enjoy their garden without worrying about its maintenance.

Maintenance is usually offered in a weekly or bi-weekly basis, subject to the needs of the garden and the requirements of each client. Apart from the usual maintenance, we undertake everything required so that a garden can be in excellent condition, including pesticide, fertilizers and soil improvements, always under the direction of our agriculturalist.

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