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Outdoor Creations is an exclusive importer of the well-known Italian pots Serralunga 1825, which are high quality and art pots. Serralunga views each design garden object as an expression of the soul of its designer, mixed with Serralunga's character.

This section hosts the design vases, illuminated pots, outdoor planters full of personality, large planters that fit in the context of outdoor patio furniture like main stars of the scene, vain and elegant bright pots. These are objects of desire, dreams of garden design to live the magic of outdoor patio furniture.

Countless interior designers have worked with Serralunga. They come from all over the world and are all artists who love outdoor patio furniture. It is hard to pick just a handful of names: every interior designer is a pleasant success for Serralunga. Paolo Rizzato, the father of Eufronio, and Zaha Hadid, the mother of Flow, all items of outdoor patio furniture.

Generally, the modern design of Serralunga, the variety of the colors, and their tolerance are some of their characteristics. The variety of their shape, size and design offer to the customer many choices. Additionally, there are many designs that allow the plantation of big trees, such as olive trees and lemon trees but also small plants.

A special attribute of the Serralunga 1825 is their variety of lighting pots. These pots of special design may be used both indoors and outdoors since the only thing they require is electricity.

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At GardenWorld nursery you may find a large variety of high quality exterior plants. The greatest amount of our plants are imported from two of the biggest production nurseries around the world, located in Italy. GardenWorld started this successful co-operation seven years ago. Additionally, in our premises we specialize in the production of local Cypriot plants and also of many others.

Apart from the decoration plants for exterior spaces, you may find a great variety of fruit trees and vegetables for your vegetable garden. Visiting our nursery you will realize that our goal is not only to sell plants, but also to direct our customers to make the right choice for their garden. Our agriculturalist will spend a lot of time with you advising on what, how and where to plan.

Fertilizers & Soil Improvements

For the growth of the plants, the correct fertilization and care of the plants is of outmost importance. At our premises you may find a great choice of fertilizers, substrates, and other soil improvements of the plants and grass of your garden. Most importantly at our nursery, you may be advised from our agriculturalist on how and when to apply the former.

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